Album in the making

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Hello People of the World..

You’ll never guess what, I’m actually working on making an album.. with a bunch of song’s all created by me including the instrumentals! unless any producers chuck me beats it’s gonna be a bit of an experimental masterpiece, including collab’s with some decent artists from the UK! Mostly the song’s I’ve created so far are 140bpm and I have about 5 complete songs (including a collab) and another in the making! By the time I’ve made 12 complete songs which is my target you will not be disappointed, as I’ve never spent time like this producing it (and enjoyed it so much), it’s been something which I have been learning over the past few years and now i’m really getting into it, the full house of creating an instrumental from scratch, writing a song, recording it, producing it/mastering it.. to my best ability anyway, currently I’m comparing my song’s to other’s and each day I work on them i’m improving them, but I’m hyped about them already.

I’m planning to get this distributed online so when it’s done you can purchase it for a small fee from the likes of amazon, itunes, spotify etc..

Ian E