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So my life has been really hectic the past 2 years. I moved from Hampshire (near Dorset) to Redditch in 2019 and after a few months living at a friends house I secured an IT sales job similar to my previous role at an IT Distributor which I had 7+ years of experience in. This new job was selling industrial computers and to a business focused commercial industry and it started well, I was excelling in my role however I had troubles while living at the flat with my friend which caused me issues at work, such as him buying a puppy and that puppy destroying everything (shoes, furniture etc) and shitting everywhere.
It felt like my flat mate was being spiteful and I couldn’t work out why, he super overloaded and broke the washer dryer we used which had cost me quite a lot of money and I had talked him through how much stuff he could put inside it and the programs to use. I found the washer dryer with 10x that amount, including a pair of trainers, jeans, joggers, t shirts, towels, you name it, you couldn’t get a fist in. Alongside this the toilet was having issues with blocking up and overflowing as the flush didn’t properly stop unless you lifted the toilet lid up afterwards. Ignoring this problem my flat mate decided to let the toilet flood while I was out of the property one day, and when I came back my room was flooding with water and he wasn’t in. Luckily it didn’t damage my PC but it wasn’t far from getting to it, and it damaged lots of my goods. This was the final straw for me and I had to move out. When I notified my flat mate, he weirdly seemed upset about me leaving but we stayed friends just not as close as we possibly were before. However I had to express that I wanted to stay friends and he was ruining it by getting a 2nd dog without asking me, the fact I walked his other dog everyday to help him out but he didn’t care or sometimes have enough food for the dog, the fact he broke the washer dryer and flooded my room. The fact he would leave a mess and I would clean up after him all the time it got to a point that I couldn’t handle it anymore so I think he understood.
That aside my workplace was unhappy with me arriving 2 minutes late to work occasionally because I’d stepped in shit leaving the flat and had to clean my shoes or because I wasn’t sleeping well and appeared tired at work, or because I would be moaning about my flat mate lol. Once I had to phone an ambulance for my flat mate on my lunch break when he had accidently popped his shoulder out diving onto his bed and was in agony. The floor had sugar all over it and dog shit because the puppy had gone bonkers tearing stuff up while we were at work, he didn’t want the paramedics to see it and begged me to clean it up even though it was his job.. however even removing the dog shit the place looked and smelt like it anyway.
So the company I was now at wanted to help me and they pretty much gave me lots of time as needed to find a new place to live and get that all sorted. Which I did, and everything was now going well I had landed some rather large sales and even a project job (generating more profit in 1 month than they expected from me that year), and basically I was performing way above expectation (I think previously they hadn’t brought someone in who had the previous experience, and would require training, but not me) so as I said, all was great until..
COVID.. Right.. So the main reason for writing all of this is because all of a sudden COVID comes in to play and my workplace decided to get us to work remotely from home, which I did and everything was fine but the incoming enquiries died off and all of a sudden there wasn’t a lot of work to do and trying to generate business was like ringing an empty office all day. So, the bosses decided to put half of the workforce onto furlough, and told us that our jobs were 100% secure and that they were a cash rich company (great, security I thought) everything would apparently be fine. After being on furlough for 3 months the company sends a whatsapp group message saying that redundancies would be happening and this was a complete turn around from what they had promised.
I already knew I would be one of the people up for redundancy as I was one of the newest or ‘last in’.. (Last in first out as they say). We were supposed to have an interview before any decisions were made so they would get a wider understanding of the situation ahead. I explained that if they were to make me redundant it would be making me homeless as they had helped me move into a new property that I was renting at a fairly high price and that I was ‘only a paycheck away from homelessness’ sort of thing. Anyway they made me redundant and paid me a final months wage (no redundancy pay because I hadn’t worked their for more than 2 years). I explained to my landlord this would be a big issue and I couldn’t afford the full rent after a few months (I paid the full rent for as long as possible).
Universal credit only offered half of the rent and the landlord didn’t want to accept that. I told him he would have to evict me because of the situation I’m stuck in, in order to remove me if he won’t accept the lower payment (my financial situation is debt.. lol). Because this was during the pandemic of COVID-19 I was able to stay in the property for a longer eviction period than normal I believe, I was served the eviction notice and I was due homeless and appointed a homeless officer from the local council (who took a while to get in contact with me).
Eventually I started bidding on houses using the council website to hopefully get a council house but every one I applied for had hundreds of people applying and I was no where near the top of the queue. Anyway one day I saw a flat appear on the site and only a few people applied for it, it was advertised as a ground floor flat with 0 bedrooms (But my friend had one of these Flat’s and it had 2 large rooms, a bathroom and kitchen, some of them were smaller though), so I put my application in and watched it to the end hoping it would be the same as my friend’s if I was lucky enough to get it, the day it ended it only had 8 applicants and I was 2nd in the queue!! I was like wow I need to win this. Now I know the area and the flat’s and what they are like in terms of reputation (it’s had some heroin addicts living here and some other troublesome people according to the neighbour’s), they aren’t the best but they are quite good for size and security (double locked, a security gate downstairs, CCTV system etc). So I phoned the council and I said this would be perfect for me, I phoned universal credit and said the same and asked if they would speak with the council and I also emailed my homeless contact expressing my interest in it, anyway a few days later they came back to me and said it could be mine if I wanted it (I’m guessing the first person in the queue rejected it). So I snapped it up and here I am, in a 2nd floor (3rd story?) flat with 2 large rooms a bathroom and kitchen, yes that’s right it’s not 0 bedrooms and it’s not on the ground floor (Most likely the person who was no1 in the application was disabled and had to reject it) I have bad feet and moving in almost broke me but now I am here it’s fine for me.


While fighting my landlord through the eviction process and looking for jobs, trying to change my situation, I started to learn C# coding and game development again in Unity. I managed to completely code a working menu at first, which got me excited to learn more so I ended up coding my own controls and rigging a free 3d model of a ninja to my controls. After doing this I played around with a mod/asset someone has created which could generate game terrain, which I used a visual scripting graph for. I had managed to create a 3d world with mountains and grass and tree’s, with a ninja that could run around endlessly.
I decided I needed systems to work with the ninja and I started a seperate project where I could learn and code and build up a health system, a food system and a drink system. This took a lot of effort and I managed to get a working system. The hardest part which I never completed and put the whole project on hold was the inventory system, and picking up items onto the character either to be used as weapons or other.

IT Systems and Principles Course

Unfortunately not being able to get employment and applying for 100’s of jobs and having no contact from Universal Credit for months.. they finally contacted me and I kicked off royally, I explained at the time that I was in a desperate state and had no contact or help and was spending my days focused on Unity learning game development because it would help me potentially get work in future, and I asked and begged for any IT courses which may be able to help me progress into a different IT role other than sales because I wanted a change, this is when they got me onto the IT Systems and Principles course with JBC Training Ltd all done remotely from home (due to covid) etc. I am proud to announce I completed the course with distinction and I now have some new qualifications:


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