MBK – Ain’t No Way (Produced By Ian-E)

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I think the 2nd or 3rd time I met MBK (Stu Pittas) aka The Stupot, he came around to record some lyrics he’d been practising from the previous visit’s where we had been discussing idea’s/concepts and getting to know each other. One thing became apparent, MBK was desperate to get a song down/done asap, so there was no messing about and we quickly got this recorded. He explained to me that he wanted to have fun with his music and not come across too serious, but I could still feel his desperation for something better than his previous work! I rushed to produce this after he left so he could hear the quality of the finished product (vs the quality of the equipment he’d previously used). We had a slight issue with the microphone latency and I made some stupid error’s when I was setting it up to record (but nothing I couldn’t fix), when I first mixed it down, something weird happened with the intro/outtro, which resulted in some cutting/chopping/tidying up.


In the end we finished with a compromise of what we both thought sounded best 🙂 but we did rush and do this in half a day… have a listen;