I’m quite nostalgic and I keep a lot of my old computer files.. It’s nice to look back on this stuff. Basically it’s old banner’s/pictures ive created or nostalgic screenshots of gaming that started off my passion to create a gaming community, saving hundreds of screenshots on steam and even making a youtube channel with gaming content – although not great and not highly viewed lol.

Old soundclick banners for Psychometric (an old name used).


Old Soundclick Icons – created by Ian!

Old Ian E Website Banners (myspace etc)

Old Website Pictures

I used to run a site called darkvortex! It was like this site but less personal, containing things I liked such as funny pictures, links to other music etc. But saying that, I’ve been doing that on many websites since I’ve been using the internet (from about 1997-1998 onwards).

Talking of nostalgia.. zXGaming, when creating the name for my gaming community >> it was created around the first game I ever played online which was Midtown Madness 2, one of the best games I ever played. The name zX actually came from the 2 clans I was torn between, which was my best friends clan _Z_Name_ and one of the best clans on the game at the time whom i got invited to, OmniName_X_. The current story goes that those are the 2 coolest letters but my friends couldn’t think of a name and so I chose this.

Midtown Madness 2 – Cops and Robbers, nothing like it out there today!

I used to kick ass, I found hundreds of screenshots and so one day I logged onto and posted around half of them! I think the links have now died, but the existing community got to see them and comment.

Then today when looking through my files, I found more!

^The names changed a lot, but we were really evil kids on that game! haha

One day on the Midtown Madness 2 Microsoft Zone, after many application attempts – some players got the + (which meant Admin). I happened to get it on quite a few accounts (I also.. may or may not of hacked someone else’s, if I did i felt really bad about it after – but thats another story). I also may of had the + (Admin) underage and some players knew, and were not happy! lol, them were the days.

Notice I have 2 versions of Midtown M open, I am both +_RezoX_ and also _Z_SaTuN_ (such terrible names xD)

The internet really hasn’t changed (This guy was jealous of Omni and Z clan’s, and created a new account under this name just to spam).

I used to be in a counter-strike clan towards the end of school, back when CRT monitors were the norm and broadband was fairly new. I even created a version of IRC, known as an mIRC Script, for the clan to use but more like a completely edited version of mIRC including a self coded media player and an away system etc. When I found this, I also found screenshots of my scores!

The clan was called Delta-Elite and I made a few websites for it, here is one of the titles:

Here was a random banner or title:

So I was suprised to find these, some really old screenshots! CS 1.6 and CS Source.. (I played since CS 1.2!)

Things moved on, CS improved, i’m not sure what version this is but it could be now on source..

My name changed a lot just like midtown madness 2 lol 🙂

And a screenshot sent to me by Jay!

Oh the good old MSN days..!

Me and a good friend Jay (Delta Elite’s Creator) used to make maps for counter-strike – I found some screenshots of my original maps:

I actually remade this map later on because the crate sizes/general scale of was wrong! 😀

Made by Darksyntax (aka DSX) #D*E on Quakenet (an IRC server).

Heres how the map editor looked.. It’s still very much the same, I also made a map for CS:GO which you can subscribe to and play on!

So when I was younger, everyone knew me as a hacker, I hacked on IRC mainly and I scripted.. I joined a hacking group (took a while to gain their trust, for fun they would knock me off the internet whenever they pleased or if i annoyed them, after all I was a kid) one hacker, in particular started teaching me about more things after begging and providing IRC code for them, I had played around with hacking scripts but many of them were quite poor or out of date, but eventually this hacker provided me with some scripts which he used personally. I had one of my best and scariest hacking experiences online, and one of my last – a couple of years ago someone asked me to hack facebook for someone and I was like dude it’s not the same anymore and plus I don’t want to get into trouble and ALSO I haven’t hacked since I was a kid! Not only that but because of the potential risks involved! But at the time we hacked 3 large IRC Channels and using a team of his hacker friends, multiple versions of IRC and proxy servers we were able to take control of them for a number of hours. What happened was we got control fairly quickly using an exploit (different to my genius one, but similar in principle) he actually had a download link which would execute a script and load it into IRC – less effective In my opinion but it worked, he just had to convince his target to click the link. At first the channel admins tried taking back control but they were no match for our scripts even with their bots/scripts trying to take control back, so because they owned the channel the server will give them admin as they join – however our bot’s and scripts would instantly kick or ban them. So they could also use a proxy to come on the server, re-authorise the nickname they used and then join the channel and get power again (server would give power) then using a bot or script try and mass kick or de-authorise our powers, however our scripts and bots were quicker & better. So they got hold of a server admin, who then starts kicking us off IRC or banning IP addresses but every time they kick one of us another comes on from our team on a new proxy taking control of the channel and keeping it hacked from the owners, or we loaded up more bots. I was one of the first to get completely removed but I regained control again with help from the other hacker, and this continued for about 2 hours because the server admin basically gave up and went to call for help and got more server admins. Apparently it ended with whats called netsplit on IRC, because the hacker I was with decided any of the server admin’s trying to knock him off – were getting ddos attacked by his hacking army. Apparently it took them nearly 4 hours to get him off the server! I’m not sure about the netsplit but it means that the server split into two – so a channel with 40 people might have 20 on one server and 20 on the other, and they can’t see the other server only the 20 on the one they are on, if that makes sense?.. Rambling on!

Now this is really bad but no harm came from this because I returned the hacked channel and explained what happened, and never used this again. But a few years later I was showing off to someone how I could still hack on IRC.. I basically created a new back door and a way of injecting fresh code into my target client. The great thing is this only evidence I have (screenshot below) is shown on delta-elite irc (used for my clan^ i talked about it earlier) but you can also see RCP-90’s Script 3.0 loaded up which was another version of IRC i created for hacking and personal use. Now after years of scripting and making RCP-90’s Script 1, 2 and eventually 3 (along with other side one’s like DE IRC) I had become a bit of a master at mIRC Scripting. What I managed to do to hack someone was simply get them to inject a tiny peice of code into their IRC System and it looked harmless, from this I could send them more code to inject/write into their system (but also hide that it was doing it – this was my genius backdoor), what I would then do is send them a premade backdoor script which hides itself as it sends to them and injects itself. Then with help from my friendly hacker (paragraph above) I would use a system he created to be able to take channels that they owned on IRC, it could mass kick other players/owners, fight bots etc and the script was one of the best. Because early scripter’s used exploit scripts like this, anti-exploit features were added to IRC, so it became harder to hack essentially – other scripts would simply be quicker than one which would try and mass -de op (take away admin powers in mass) because IRC limited how many could be done at one time, however using bot’s and multiple script’s you could overcome this and the system I had was very secretive

^Exploit0r is mIRC32 Rs3 (me), basically giving me power and protecting me- sat alongside another hacker’s bot, L who is protecting my bot.
So I stole this gaming channel from some other random community, and gave it them back again basically.. how nice of me 🙂

I even found this nostalgic chavvy picture :S

Guess thats what I thought about it at the time.

I made this a long time ago but still use it!