Old Graphic Design

Before I created zXGaming – I met a lot of players from another gaming community, I tried my hardest to become a part of it and even spent a while creating this logo design for them as they asked for designs in a forum post, needless to say – they didn’t like it and I decided to create zXGaming not long afterwards (partly because I had another bunch of friends I gamed with and partly because the community sucked).
I just tried the link and it’s not working, so I guess they stopped being a community (funnily enough, quite a few of the old members are now in zXGaming! hurray!).

What happened after they said they didn’t like this was that they wanted it to look like (the logo they had, but slightly bigger and better) so I did that, and it looked like this:

But apparently this wasn’t good enough either xD but I wasn’t suprised. I’m not a graphic designer at all..

I created 2 banners for a directory enquiries company (for free) for marketing purposes, the company was ran by 2 guys that also had another business in IT and would purchase products from the company I work for – which is how I knew them. They no longer operate so these can now be displayed, they did once exist online as an advert:

I created a Logo design for a media company me and friends talked about making for youtube, which never came to fruition.