Unity Game Development

In case you missed the Blog I posted here. I started to learn C# coding and game development again in Unity. I managed to completely code a working menu at first, which got me excited to learn more so I ended up coding my own controls and rigging a free 3d model of a ninja to my controls. After doing this I played around with a mod/asset someone has created which could generate game terrain, which I used a visual scripting graph for. I had managed to create a 3d world with mountains and grass and tree’s, with a ninja that could run around endlessly. I decided I needed systems to work with the ninja and I started a seperate project where I could learn and code and build up a health system, a food system and a drink system. This took a lot of effort and I managed to get a working system. The hardest part which I never completed and put the whole project on hold was the inventory system, and picking up items onto the character either to be used as weapons or other.