Short Bio

Valentine’s day… February 1987 in Nottingham my mother gave birth (or that’s what I’m told, it could be when the Aliens delivered me!) Thats where I lived for around 3 years (In Nottingham). I then moved to Studley (In the Midlands) and lived there for roughly 2 years. At about the age of 5 I moved to a placed called Redditch near Birmingham (Also in the Midlands if your Geography is terrible), this is where I spent most of my childhood growing up with my family (my mom, step father and 2 step brothers) and the majority of my long kept friends who I still speak to today.

I started making my own music at about the age of 15, after doing it at school and finally gaining the confidence to sing, I was pushed and developed and eventually on stage in front of 300 people. I was terrible at doing music on my own when I first started (I made some awful songs), but I was determined to improve with lots of time on my hands I started getting a reputation by creating songs regularly and posting them on forums and entering competitions and silly online rap battles, before I knew it I was getting quite good and, with some people I was becoming more popular/with other’s not so much! Anyway, in 2005 a massive life decision was put to me about moving away, I decided to make a fresh start in Dorset (south of UK).

In 2006, I got to around 37,000 play’s on one of my best songs and that is when life first got in the way of my music. What happened next is not worth explaining (A relationship), but come 2009 I started making some music again and made a string of fairly decent songs, but once again life got in the way (even more so than before, in a new relationship and moving in with her parents as my parent’s moved away). A few years later, and I was single again.. now living by myself in Hampshire (not Dorset) I had the chance to be creative/making music regularly but I wasn’t in the right place and was making myself quite ill with my lifestyle (bad eating habits, smoking too much, not sleeping enough, drinking etc), my friends and previous fans were pushing me to get back on it for a while. So that’s when I started working on beats and production and decided this would be good for me to learn and make my own instrumentals again (i’d dabbled previously) but this time I wanted to do it better. I visited my friends in Redditch, my friend Dan(The Synth) explained how he’d learnt how to create instrumentals in Reason (I’d only ever used FL Studio) so I started using Reason 5. In 2013 I stopped making instrumentals under the name 1337beatz and joined forces with Rob to make 1337 Records. It wasn’t long until I realised I was happier using FL Studio that I had always been used to, but now with a better understanding of the theory behind it all after learning Reason.

Not long after, I had a visit from my friend Dan and with his help (him beatboxing) with my friend Rob (1337 records) playing guitar, I freestyled a new song. They told me to not give up on music and to make it into a song, so when Dan left me and Rob made it a song, it’s called ‘Lost My Emotion’, which really was me trying to explain why I hadn’t been making music.. (and was saying, yeah ok I’ll come back). I wasn’t still.. good enough though, or if you like, in the right place mentally, for my musical art to come back out of me with passion naturally like it had before.

Since then I’ve been creating lots of instrumentals and really getting into the production side of things, I’ve met some local rappers from the south (Bournemouth, Poole, Winchester etc) and had them around to record using my microphone, sometimes over my beats.

2017- I worked on an album and got some song’s down with some people that I’d wanted to work with before it was too late! 🙂 It was on amazon/itunes for 2 years but I decided to take it down rather than keep it up as I was still unhappy with the final product. I still make music today but it’s mostly as a hobbie and I post free songs online that you can download!

2019 – Moved from down south to Redditch again.
2019 – 2020 – Worked for a company and got made redundant during covid.
2021 – Completed an ICT system and Principles course. Moved into a council flat.
2022 – Started working for a company as a Data Executive/Data Marketing Manager.

See the Gallery for pictures of me and friends.